Saturday, February 21, 2009

VTS photos

If anyone's interested in getting a glimpse of Virginia Theological Seminary, where one current (and hopefully one future) St. Francis House seminarian studies (will hopefully study), have a look at the album below. Sorry there aren't any actual people in these pictures; that's pretty much par for the course where my travel photography habits are concerned. I added the album to the SFH photo page as well.

My favorite historical tidbit from the weekend: Though located in Northern Virginia, VTS was occupied by the Union army during the civil war and used as a hospital. Apparently a few faculty members and some students literally went into exile in the mountains and continued to hold classes (many fought in the war, of course). While that's cool enough, I thought the most fascinating thing was that Virginia was partially rebuilt from $5,000 Union dollars that the dean at the time (treasonously) saved, as a way to hedge the school's bets (the rest of the money, in Confederate dollars, was of course useless after the war).

Virginia Theological Seminary


  1. Great pictures. I've never been. Maybe I'll have to come visit.

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