Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pilgrim Travelers

There's a great story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today about our friends at Trinity, Wauwatosa (which happens to be my home parish).

Here's what I think is especially cool about their take on an urban Stations of the Cross: The St. Francis House board recently had a retreat to help identify future directions for our ministry, and one of the important missions we identified (for ourselves and I think maybe for the Episcopal Church as a whole) was to be a sign of "moderate Christian expression" in a world where such expressions seem rare--it's certainly rare that they make the papers. Anyway, I was so happy to see that one did and thought others might be interested and inspired by their humble and contemplative journey.

By the way, we'll have folks from Trinity with us at St. Francis House in a couple of weeks to share a service and a meal.

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